Prishtina University 'Hasan Prishtina'

Faculty of Agriculture and Veterinary (FAV)

On the Move to Sustainable Agriculture on the Balkan Peninsula

September 21 - 23, 2016

Start International Conference of the DAAD Biodiversity Network Project 'Agriculture and biodiversity on the Balkan Peninsula'

with project partners from Prishtina University 'Hasan Prishtina' (Kosovo), the Agricultural University Tirana (Albania), and Justus-Liebig-University Giessen (Germany)


On the Move to Sustainable Agriculture
on the Balkan Peninsula

Agricultural activities have shaped the Balkan Peninsula over millennia and build the foundations for the future. Human and the environment depend on a sustainable development of agriculture. The development of agiculture itself is driven by local to global changes depending on e.g. agricultural policy, scientific and technological advance, market needs and investment opportunities.

Given this background, the aim of our international conference is to discuss about the status quo of agicultural and environmental research on the Balkan Peninsula and the challenges for further sustainable development. In our conference, we will focus on the key research fields:

  1. plant production and protection (agricultural and horticultural cropping; grassland production)
  2. animal science (including veterinary medicine and livestock)
  3. weed and landscape ecology
  4. ecotoxicology
  5. open topics on sustainable agriculture

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