On the Move to Sustainable Agriculture on the Balkan Peninsula

September 21 - 23, 2016

  1. Plant production and protection (cropping including vine; grassland production)
  2. Animal science (including veterinary medicine and livestock)
  3. Weed and landscape ecology
  4. Ecotoxicology

Keynote speakers of symposia

Symposium 1:

Fh. Fetahu: Mission of Gene Bank of Kosova, collecting, conservation and regeneration of plant genetic resources

A. Hoxha-Jahja: On the move to sustainable agriculture

Symposium 2:

B. Berisha: Animal Reproduction – Molecular Mechanisms of Ovarian Regulation

A. Rexhepi: Serological evidences of Schmallenberg virus in domestic ruminants in the Albania

Symposium 3:

R. Waldhardt: The importance of interdisciplinary research towards sustainable and multifunctional landscapes

Symposium 4:

R.-A. Düring: Challenges in ecotoxicology: diversity from molecule to ecosystem